Sunday, October 29, 2017


 Here is a Meccanograph I made with Temsi parts,so maybe I should call it a Temsigraph.I wanted to built something a bit different :a drawingmachine at an angle.The gears are placed in the same way as in the orginal Meccanograph.
On this machine the table and penholder or not yet attached.

Saturday, October 07, 2017


Well,in the beginning of the year I said I was going to write more regularly.And here we are more than 9 months later,so you can see how that went.Anyway a quick update:I sold most of my radio's,because I had to choose between them or my other interest:Meccano and other metal construction toys.The latter won and I am now spending my time building.
So far I seem to make two type of things Steam engines and Meccanographs.
This is the classic Meccanograph,which is a design from the late 1920's.I think the very first one was designed in 1916.Since then many variations have been thought out by Meccano and the people who build with it,both with and without motors.I have now made seven.Mostly made from Meccano or Temsi(Dutch equivalent),one from Marklin and one from Trix.
In the upcoming posts I will take a look at them in detail.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy 2017!

Well,it's a start of a new year,and one of my resolutions will be to write more posts(which is a recurring resolution it seems).Over the last week or so I finished my little Matroyska project,now with five pieces.To continue the Joule Thief theme I've also started building another three with vintage capacitors.One will have the option of changing the flash rate :10,20 or 30 uF.
After these are finished I'm planning on starting to make some non electronic things:balancing toys.