Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sanyo vtc M10

Another 1980's product is this Sanyo Betamax recorder,the VTC M10.The rise of the VCR format meant the fall of the Betamax,but there are still quite a few around working fine.
This one was pretty much in working order too,but I have another Sanyo,the VTC 5150.That one is a toploader.

The above picture shows how it looks when you take off the housing and some metal parts on the inside.After a few hours of work these parts I kept for future use:

As usual the circuitboards,plenty of leds,some cableholders,various metal pieces,springs,bolts,spacers,a few coils which came off very easily and can be used for pendulums,three motors and three aluminium parts which looked usable for future projects.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Philips 66 RH 829

Sometimes I find things in my shed which I completely forgot about.A good example is this radio/recordplayer from the 1970's,I think.Like the TEAC V-9 in a previous post,this one suffered from MDS(Melted Drivebelt Syndrome)too and was ,for me ,beyond repair.
But it gave me a couple of hours disassembly pleasure.
These are the innards of the beast:

And here are the parts that I salvaged,but I forgot to add the motors......

-quite a few metal brackets,lots of wire,parts from the circuitboard,nuts and bolts,meters,two sets of lights and the recordplayer-arm.

Monday, October 29, 2007


This TEAC V-9 from the 1980's is a bit different from other cassette decks because of the square lights.Unfortunately this one was not working correctly:the belt on one of the motors had basically melted,leaving a nice black mess.So using it for parts it was.Here is the inside:

After taking it apart these parts I kept for future use:

-The three motors,the front cover(because of the coloured squares),various metal parts,two switches,the counter and electronic circuits.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pummer premiere

This is a my first pummer(a device that charges during the day and comes to life at night)using various techno-scrap pieces.The copper part with the tube on top comes from the Erres radio,mentioned in the second post.The two "eyes" are from an old sixties audiometer and have leds mounted in them.The pieces of copper covering the wooden case come from a transformer.
The most important part,one that is not visible,is the electronic circuit which I took from a solar garden light.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Solar pendulum

One of the first,successfull,BEAM-like projects is this solar pendulum.Don't ask me how it exactly works,I got the circuit from here.The red circle is a coil which is connected to the electronic circuit.A couple of magnets are on the end of the metal rod which swings.As you can see I've used an old Apple mouse to hide the electronics in.In bright sunlight you get a big kick from the coil,strong enough to make the wooden stand fall over.
So that is something which needs some attention.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Erres KY 587

I got this Erres KY 587 radio for free when I picked up some other stuff.It had spent the last years of it's life stuck in a shed being a home for many spiders.Not surprisingly then that the condition isn't that great:the keys are dirty and some of them have hairline cracks,the wooden housing is faded and marked with waterstains.It is als partially taken a part but all the pieces were there.Nevertheless some good points are:the housing is not damaged,the glass in the front (with the conductor)is in very good shape and there are no tears in the fabric.
I won't restore it to it's former glory(make it play again),but turn it into a decorative piece with a light inside.