Saturday, September 27, 2008

New pummer

Today I've finished a new pummer using the circuit illustrated in this article: .The spring I aged with the electroplated method I wrote about in an earlier post.While it didn't exactly turned out to be electroplated the result was interesting anyway.Cleaning out the lightbulb wasn't easy because of the small fitting it has.During that process I managed to make a hole on one side of the glass.But that came in handy with the cleaning of the glass and the mounting of the LED(I used a 10 mm one)later.
I've left out the solar cell,instead I'll be using a switch to turn it on and off.Also I might use an adapter in place of the batteries.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

21st century Art Deco

I just finished building this piece which started when I found the old relais(the part with the four "legs"sticking out) in one of my junk boxes.It looked Art Deco in my eyes so I decided to use it for an Art Deco inspired design.
Used were:an aluminium sample sheet,an aluminium black heatsink,the relais,a processor(under the relais),a piece of copper from a transformer,a hexagonal piece from a cd player and a very decorative part from a video-head(in the middle of the hexagon).

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I've been testing the two solarollers I built,but both of them don't seem to work.As luck would have it,the two motors I used need more than 3 volts to run.Also I'm having some trouble with the new solarcells I got,the output is very low and definately not enough to power a solaroller.
The good news is that the sundancer circuit I built a few days ago works.I have tested it with a 3 V buttoncell and it reacted wildly.So that will be one of the next projects.
I have also worked on the antique sewing machine and got the flywheel moving again.The next step seems a bit harder,getting the needle to move up and down again will be a challenge.
I might just leave it at that and focus on the repainting of the machine.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New solarollers

Yesterday and today I started building two more solarollers(and have ideas for many more...).One is built out of perforated metal from an oscilloscope and quite large.The other one is much smaller and was very quickly built because the motor and flywheel were already mounted on a very useful frame.
All I needed to do was to add some wheels,the Miller SE(not yet done that)and a few things to make it look a bit better.
As for the idea's,these are a few of them:a spider solaroller,one that is very tall,one that looks like a dragracer and a four-wheeler.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Headbots giving me headaches....

I've abandoned the two headbots I was building for now because I can't get them to work.One was more or less an experiment to see if I could use just a regular motor to make one.But that didn't work.The other one is not functioning either,only with 9 volts there is some life.Nine volts,however,is too much for the 74ac240 chip.
So I've salvaged one of the bicore circuits and remade it into a pummer circuit(although that need some troubleshooting too).
The solarcells I got last week seem to have a problem with them(or the problem is me....).All in all not a particularly good weekend when it came to building.

Monday, September 08, 2008

New BEAM bot in the making

I'm finally building another BEAM bot.After the symets,pummers,magbot pendulums and solarollers I'm trying my hand at a bicore headbot.This is basically a fixed robot-head that follows a light or,what seems to be the case in my one,a dark object.
The circuit is pretty straightforward,I think the mechanical part is the hardest in this BEAM bot.
I'm making it out of an old cassette player mechanism,but the next one will be just the motor.Much easier to balance.