Sunday, May 24, 2009

Artists that I admire(part..)

I forgot which part this is,I guess 5 or so.Via the Darkroastedblend blog I stumbled upon this artist: Andrew Smith who makes wonderful kinetic art,figurative sculptures and rolling ball machines.

One of Andrew Smiths kinetic pieces,which bears a striking resemblance to some of Jean Tinguely's work.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Naked pummer

Naked as in showing all the components that is.I have a lot of vintage components laying around,many of them still working after 50 years or so.Of course being so old they are very large compared with their modern counterparts.
So,rather than hiding them,I decided to show them.And here is the first pummer with all the parts hanging out.
There will be more of these kind of pummers to follow.........

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pummers ,the sequel

In the last week or so I've got the pummer bug again(well it's better than the Mexican flu),and began building them or changing existing ones.
One was actually a 555 flasher (record player type)and is now a blue LED pummer,another one was just a converted solar garden light circuit and will be a dual pummer.
The third one [i]is[/i] a new one,and also a blue LED one,also a record player type.
A totally different one I built is an "underwater" pummer.Well,not really underwater,the LED is under a water filled test tube(that one needs some trouble shooting).
More pummers in progress:One with a block of plexi-glas,another "underwater"one and then I've got about 6 record player arms which I could use......

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Weekend loot

Yesterday I went to the local second hand place(called Kringloop here)and left with these items:
2 chrome-plated bottle holders(I liked the look of them but don't know yet how to use them in a project)
1 glass candlestick(probably to be used in a pummer)
2 lab glassware items
1 glass ball(it's actually some kind of designer vase)
1 copper plant holder

These past few days I've been building some circuits,but had trouble with some.And I've been playing with a gastorch to see what all I can do with it,for example:making dents in a light bulb,melting glass,setting fire to a block of plexiglas(but the result was less than satisfactory).....