Monday, August 22, 2011

Salvaging parts from a Betamax recorder part II

Part 2 of the Betamax autopsy deals with this Betamax hi-fi recorder(I don't know the exact type anymore).
Opening it up it looks like this(it lacks the big transformator in the previous post).
The hardware salvaged:various pieces of sheet metal,big piece of sheet metal(the bottom)housing from the power supply, aluminium parts and two large ceramic disc magnets

The electronics salavaged:lots of wires with connectors,circuit boards with plenty of different value capacitors and resistors,some interesting switches,motor with gear assembly,sliding potentiometers,LED's,coils.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Salvaging parts from a Betamax recorder

Recently I got 6 Betamax recorders for free,very useful machines to get parts from.I will describe two of them and the parts I salvaged from them.The first one is Sony's SL-F30 from the mid 1980's and the thinnest of the Betamax line.
This is the inside of the machine with the big transformator visible top left.
The hardware salvaged :big piece of sheet metal(the bottom),smaller pieces of sheet metal,large piece of box shaped metal(where the powersupply is),various Aluminium parts,some brackets,three ceramic disc magnets,spacers and a very interesting gear assembly.
The electronic parts salvaged:of course various circuit boards(many ceramic disc capacitors),big transformator,lots of wire with connectors,motor with gear assembly,solenoid(not sure how useful this is for me),interesting remote sensor,lots of coils(the red ones are easy to remove) and a nice piece of opaque glass.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yet more projects

I have finished the Arabic style lamp,and it turned out pretty good.Only the inside lighting is not very bright so that needs some work,but I think it looks the best in the daylight anyway.Two projects I'm simultaneously working on are a windchime and xylophone both made out of old heating pipes which I'll copperplate.
Last week Make posted a great project :the floating glow display.Basically a piece of plastic sheet which is engraved and when illuminated from below makes a great display.I already made some of my own(without lighting so far)and the results are encouraging.