Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New additions to the radio collection

In the past few days I added some new radio's to my growing eclectic collection of radio's.
One is a Hitachi WH-1160,a multi band radio from around 1970,it has four bands and a direction finder on top.
The others are all Hong-Kong made world receivers,and in true HK fashion there are a few that are identical but were sold under different brand names.Even if they are pretty cheaply made,they still are pretty good for their money.

Friday, November 29, 2013

My growing collection

When I travel to the USA a big pile of boxes is waiting for me to unpack.And then bring them all back home again.Most of them are small pocket radio's,with a few bigger transistor radio's.I decided to focus on RCA Victor and General Electric.
I also will be getting two,possibly more,Grundig radio's:one is a Satellit 2100,the other an Ocean-boy transistor 3000(update:another one I got was this one:)
The Grundig Ocean boy 210

Sunday, November 10, 2013

New additions to transistor radio collection

Today I went to the Rotterdam Radiomuseum which had their annual clearance.Many (transistor)radio's could be found there,but many of them were in pretty bad shape.The price reflected that too though,so for 35 euro(about $47 )I got 13 radio's.Among them were:
3 Nordmende models(Clipper 194A,Kent,Oxford 199)
Sanyo 10GA-8952
Philips 90RL194
Grundig Recordboy
Sokol Vega 308
Two French radio's:Wealth and Constellation
Blaupunkt Derby 691
Unknown Erres
Hitachi Hiphonic WH-888L
Arrow 8 transistor

Saturday, October 26, 2013

New radio's added to the collection

I just came back from The United States bringing with me 18 transistor radio's,the majority of them those small pocket radio's.In this post and the next few I'll show some of them.
Among the small pocket transistors are:
Hitachi Hi-Phonic TH 610,Westinghouse H-841P6GB,Hi-Delity N-601

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Update and new radio's

Just to prevent September will pass without any post here's is a short update.
I tried to build a Slayer exciter but that didn't work out very well,I think I need a smaller gauge of wire.
So for now that project will delayed.What did work though was the breadboarding of the Drawdio:

But I will not put all the components on the pencil because the speaker I use is much bigger.

Another subject:I bought 7 vintage radio's today and one a couple of days ago.
Some of them are:Philips 759,Erres KY534,Philips BX400A,420A,520A

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wireless pancakes

Of course I'm talking about pancake coils.I've made a few(you need two to make this work),and I'm busy making more(making them larger ).Using Slider2732's(on YouTube)circuit,I managed to make a working wireless system.The circuit is very simple,just the coil and a npn transistor,then you need another coil with a LED ...Here is his video:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Failure is always an option

That is what the people from Mythbusters use to say and I think Edison said something like he learned the most from his mistakes.So,I'm in good company then with my failed attempts to make a pulsemotor.
I also soldered together the Solarbotics Zendulum circuit,and that wasn't working either.However,when I made it on a breadboard it worked.Actually it works with the magnetic sphere going through the coil instead of over it....
Another project I'm working on is making an electro static machine using,mostly,Meccano.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Flashing Joule thieves finished

I've (almost)built seven flashing Joule Thieves and two regular ones in the past weeks.They are a mixed bunch :one is a robot,two are bare bones,three are boxed up and the last one will also be boxed up.One of them is rather special I think: it has four capacitors with two switches so I can change the flash rate.All of them have green LEDs(to honour the month of Ramadan in which they were built).
Now that I have finished those it is time for my next project which is remaking or changing some of my Pummers and Magbot pendulums some of which don't work very well or at all.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New cement batteries.

I've made a group of new cement batteries last weekend in different sizes and with different chemicals added:
two large Red Bull can batteries(or to be precise : cells):
1.19 V with copper tube
1.27 V with copper strip
one Monster can battery
1.13 V
one energy drink can battery,Alum added:
1.15 V
four Coke batteries:
Magnesium sulfate added:
1.16 V
Borax added:
1.29 V
Alum added:
0.5 V
Copper sulfate added:
1.07 V

Saturday, July 13, 2013


I finally got my first set of Meccano,after looking at it for a long time and wondering what I would make with it.Now I can put my thoughts into practice.I found it all thrown together in a beat up old tin in an antique shop and paid 29 Euro's for it(about $38),a fair price I think.
I'm now making a box for it,which will have a list of all the numbered parts on it pasted on the lid.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Flashing Joule Thief

I have been looking for a Joule Thief circuit that works nicely with my cement batteries,and finally found one.It is called the Simplified Flashing Joule Thief ,and that is exactly what it does.
Here is the link to the page:Quantsuff's LED Page.
I will make a few of these circuits,with slight differences between them.The first one has a red LED and four capacitors with two on-off-on switches,so I can change the flashing rate.The next one will have a potentio meter.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Updates on batteries

Still working on the cement,and other,types of batteries,after a two week holiday in the US.Of course I visited the American Science and Surplus store in Chicago again and got a few things.
Even though a cement battery was able to power my Magbot pendulum it didn't last very long.After about 50 hrs non-stop swinging the pendulum was barely moving,so that is not really useful.
And the water based batteries don't seem to work now either,I guess more testing is needed.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Concrete and cement batteries

Like I wrote in my last post I'm focusing on different kinds of batteries,especially the concrete and cement batteries.These past few days I've been making a few and have some results which are encouraging for future projects.I used some aluminium casing with copper coils and different kind of materials mixed with the cement:Borax,Magnesium Carbonate,baking soda and road salt.All gave about a 1.3 V result(I have yet to see if this changes later)and I don't know if these ingredients helped at all(making another battery without anything added later).
Also a battery cell made with a small copper vessel and Aluminium rod produced 1.4 V.
On the flip side though: 3 battery cells I made with pewter and tin pots produced 0.06 V and 0.6 V.
When I connected the good working cells to some of my magbot pendulums they started to swing quite happily,so that gave me some ideas for future pendulums(like a pendulum with an Aluminium surrounded cement base and (a) copper pipes as the frame work).
Also Joule Thief robots with cement bodies are a possibility.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


For the past few weeks I've been busy with researching different types of batteries and circuits.Especially the work of Lidmotor and slider2732 is very interesting for me.
And I've started to build concrete batteries finally,there's a bag of cement standing in my hallway for the last month or so.So I'll start a run of experiments with differeny ingredients and materials.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Weekend pickup...

This weekend I collected a nice selection of electronic devices.It was a classic case of : parents are not able to take care of themselves anymore,and moved to a nursing-home.Their children are then faced with the task of emptying their parents home.
I took away most of their electronics which included:
-Shenzhen JW-210GPA record player
-Philips 702 radio
-Philips 14PT155 television
-Akai 1722W and GX4000D tape recorder
-Alecto pro-137 mixer
-JVC XL-Z132 CD player
-Philips DCC 951 player
-Sony ST A30L tuner
-Denon PMA 500V
-Lenco L3866 USB record player
-Uher 4200 tape recorder

There were also a collection of speakers : Rank HT520(pair),Kekkoh Beta(pair),a Magnat,a Philips and a pair of Sony's.And let me not forget the records ......

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Queensday loot

Today was the last Queensday on April 30th(next year will be April 27th,the birthday of our new King).For people not familiar with it:it is a day to sell your old stuff,with loud music from multiple stands which you can listen to while enjoying some kind of home made food....
A tradition is anything you don't sell and don't want you just leave behind...other will people will sift through the heaps and pick out what they want.
Anyway,I got quite a few things this year:
Philips 12TX3501 television,Sony TC-H4800 cassette deck,Philips FA144 amplifier with FT143 tuner,Blaupunkt RTV 316 VCR,CD-rom drive,DVD writer,4 different modems,calculator with printer,small heater,some kind of game console and a lamp.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It is been a long time.....

Almost 5 weeks since my last post,I'm ashamed to say.In that period I have been on holiday(US) and continued with taking electronic equipment apart,about a dozen televisions among them.So now I have plenty of new components again to build things again.
Last week I found an old crate filled with hand tools to be picked up by the garbage men.Many of them old but in good order(the tools,not the garbage men....)Also a couple of chargers,battery packs,two electronic devices and two rolls of installation wire.
A collection of center punches and screwdrivers.

A collection of hammers.The tool on the right must be my new favourite:it is a small ax,hammer,screwdriver and plier in one.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

New arrivals......

A couple of days ago i picked up about 17 audio devices to be taken apart for parts.There are 5 CD-players among which an Akai CD-M88 from the mid 1980's,two cassette decks,one is an Akai HX A101 also from the 1980's.There are two tuners,a record player,two video players,a record player and a small midi set.
Also with this haul came a regulated power supply,which will be very useful.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bang & Olufsen Avant 28 television reverse engineering

Or in other words:more electronic salvaging.This television has many interesting features:two great speakers,which I will use for my stereo set,a build-in video player,a motorized foot and aluminium frame. Since this is a relatively modern TV,the early 2000's the components are fairly small,but there are still plenty of useful things to be had.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Tube.......

These last few weeks I've been collecting old electronics again.Among my finds are a Grundig radio from the 1960's,working but with a small defect(tuning is not possible),a record player from the same era but what I got most were television sets.When I was picking up things a few years back I wasn't interested in them but finding free electronics gets harder these days.For example Video 2000 recorders I hardly see anymore.
But TV's are around a lot since a lot of people buy flatscreens or LED TV's.Of course they are big and heavy and contain a relatively small circuit board,but beggars can't be choosers......

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Joule Thieves ......

So the last two weeks I haven't written this blog,even though my resolution was to write once a week.But there you have it.....In that time I have looked into new Joule Thief circuits and ways to power them.For example there is the cement battery,the Magnesium battery etc.Also I have made my first pancake coil.And the result seems to be that it works better than some coils,depending on the size and number of windings.
The coil is a Nikola Tesla patent:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dremel table saw and sheet metal brake

For quite some time I wanted to make table saw with a Dremel rotary tool.I found a very good example of one here .You would expect the Dremel to be mounted on the underside but in this case it is sitting on top.This way you can cut thicker pieces of material.I used a sheet of HPL material for the top,the rest of it is wood except for the ruler which is Aluminium.
From the same HPL material I made a small sheet metal brake,big enough for the work I do.So simple that I think a picture will tell all you need to know about it.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

New Years resolutions

I'm not one for New Years resolutions usually but you can call them plans too sometimes.So,my plans for this year are:finish the Theremins I'm working on.They are the two made from the old oscilloscope panels both with Joule Thieves inside them.Then there is another one in the planning,the one made from an old clock.After that I'm probably done Theremins for awhile and is it time for some other circuits.On the list are:the golf Magbot pendulum,small rolling ball machines,line followers,head-bots and general sheet metal work.