Friday, November 29, 2013

My growing collection

When I travel to the USA a big pile of boxes is waiting for me to unpack.And then bring them all back home again.Most of them are small pocket radio's,with a few bigger transistor radio's.I decided to focus on RCA Victor and General Electric.
I also will be getting two,possibly more,Grundig radio's:one is a Satellit 2100,the other an Ocean-boy transistor 3000(update:another one I got was this one:)
The Grundig Ocean boy 210

Sunday, November 10, 2013

New additions to transistor radio collection

Today I went to the Rotterdam Radiomuseum which had their annual clearance.Many (transistor)radio's could be found there,but many of them were in pretty bad shape.The price reflected that too though,so for 35 euro(about $47 )I got 13 radio's.Among them were:
3 Nordmende models(Clipper 194A,Kent,Oxford 199)
Sanyo 10GA-8952
Philips 90RL194
Grundig Recordboy
Sokol Vega 308
Two French radio's:Wealth and Constellation
Blaupunkt Derby 691
Unknown Erres
Hitachi Hiphonic WH-888L
Arrow 8 transistor