Friday, December 21, 2007

Parts from camera's

After taking apart the camera's shown in the previous post these are some of the parts I kept for future projects.For example there are the lenses in the upper left corner;dials directly under it;various metal parts in the lower left corner;the prisma's and mirrors in the upper right corner and part of the housings in the lower right corner.

Some of the motors from automatic camera's,the two on the left are shown in their black plastic casings the way they are in the camera,three on the right without and two smaller motors at the top(those are used for the zoom lenses).

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Part of this weeks collection

You might think I'm starting a camera collection here,but this is just part of what I picked up this weekend for free.When taking apart an old broken camera I found out that it had a very useful motor in there.Almost the same size as an AA-battery.So that led me to the hunt for more of these motors.The two silver coloured ones on the right were a bonus when I picked up an old enlarger(which I'll convert into a lamp,but more about that in a future post),and naturally don't contain any motors.The same goes for the two on the left(under the Nikon),but they came with the Canon(which I'll keep in one piece).
I also picked up a stereo/record-player combi,and about 9 printers and scanners.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Useful parts from a cassetteplayer

Cassetteplayers yield many useful parts from motors to rollers.This is or was an Akai one but any one random would do.I took every part which could be used in some way in future projects,normally I don't keep as much.
So,the list includes:
two motors,two rollers,screws,a large selection of metal parts,springs,knobs,two flywheels,rods,drive belts,a few plastic parts,cables(not shown),electronic parts(also not shown),and of course the black metal housing.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Philips VR 2220

This is Philips portable Video 2000 system,with the separate tuner/timer VR2120 and the Video400 camera from 1984.Don't let the word "portable" mislead you:altogether it weighs about 5 kg's.
Obviously you wouldn't carry the tuner with you,but that is the lightest part of the whole set.
This piece of 1980's nostalgia is still in working order although I can't get the camera to focus correctly.For now it resides in my growing collection,but I might take it apart in the future.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pioneer TX 500/A and SA 6200

These two beautifully designed Pioneer devices I got for free(do I really have to mention that?)two weeks ago.They are the tuner TX 500/A and receiver SA 6200 both built in 1974(very handy those serialnumbers at the back)and should be working.I will keep these for my growing electrorphanage and maybe one day find other components of this series.

Monday, December 03, 2007

This weekends loot

As usual i went out this weekend to pick up some free things,and this is what I got:
Philips 19TX530A/75 television from around 1966,not one of the most beautiful TV's ever produced by our friends at Philips so I don't know yet which fate this item awaits.

Philips(yes again) taperecorder ,but without any type indictation other than "automatic".

Sony TC 105 taperecorder (but don't know the year yet),which I'll find an interested person for or,if I fail at that,it'll be taken apart.