Thursday, April 23, 2009

New pummers.........

I just can't stop building pummers,keep coming up with new ideas.The last one will be one using a blue led which illuminates a test-tube filled with water and a water filled hollowed out lightbulb.
And I think I came up with a new version of the BEP pummer circuit,which hasn't got any capacitors on pin 3 and 4,and 17 and 16.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

LED flashing circuits...

These past few days I found out that I seem to be unable to build a LED chaser circuit with a 4017 and 555 IC.So I've resorted to making smaller circuits using transistors.For my purpose a random flashing circuit probably works better than one that uses a 4017 IC(I wanted to make a LED "plant").

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Updates and new projects

I've just returned from another visit to the US,so these past weeks not much tinkering has been done.But I did buy the latest edition of Make magazine which is a great one.One idea that caught my eye was the wind-light by Morten Skogly,but the original idea comes from a team of Japanese designers.
So that will be one of my next projects.
Of course,first I'll be finishing my second head-bot,which design has been changed slightly:the table leg construction didn't work really so this one follows the same design as the first one.
I've also bought a few supplies and can now build a led chaser.......