Friday, June 12, 2009

New waterwheel

For The Gentlemans Challenge # 3 from The Steampunk Forum I've created this waterwheel(which could work as a windwheel too in a more open location).
It's made out of a ATB bike's rearwheel,luggagerack from another bicycle,plantpot stand,aluminium sample sheet,aluminium duct parts,and some copper wire.
The water flows into a terracotta dish with gravel.
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Sunday, June 07, 2009


Yes another pummer....this time it's not made using a record player arm.But with a part I just bought last week.A rare occasion indeed,usually I buy things,put them away and then after a couple months or even a year they find their way into a project.
Parts used:the base is a brass plant mister,the long blue part comes off a trophy,the top part is the blue bottle I bought last week,on top of that is a glass piece off an old lightbulb and the crown is a brass piece from an old videorecorder.
The LED is white.

Monday, June 01, 2009

More loot......

Yesterday was another very pleasant one spent at my local Emmaus.Got a few items:
one small blue bottle,a dish made out of zinc,a ball shaped glass vase,a small glass part from an old (oil) lamp,an metal rodent excercise wheel(incomplete) and 3 ladles.
And also yesterday I found two abandoned bicycles just a stones throw from my house.
I haven't made anything this past week,for a change I took some things apart again,but I have plans or a few projects.And then there's The Gentleman's challenge from The Steampunk Forum.....