Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My new favourite material this modelers foam I got from my workplace:Rohacell.Very light weight,easy to work with and good drillability (is that even a word?)I think it'll be excellent to make the bottoms of the ships from(saves me a lot of soldering/epoxy-ing).
I've used it already in combination with some aluminium strips to make a hull quickly.
Also I've tested again the coil-engines I made and they now seem to function.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Copper coils

Today I continued making and testing the coils.I heard while I was cutting through the copper tubing from the temperature gauge the sound of gas escaping.....(didn't thought of that...)and also saw that inside the tubing was a brass wire.That basically made that tubing useless for it's purpose...but am sure I'll find another use for it.
I tested another coil,but that didn't work either,either the temperature wasn't high enough or the shape of the tubing.
Also I annealed and bended some aluminium tubing(from an antenna) the 4 mm diameter coiled really nicely,the wider parts are only good for making bends.

hunting for parts.......

Always a good excuse:going to second-hand/antique shops because you need parts for a project.This is what I got today:
-a small model of a waterpump,I think it will be excellent to use in a steam engine.
-a stand for a candle,always useful.
-two wicks,equally so.
-one pot,could be used as a boiler for the steam engine.
-a plant mister,idem.
-5 ladles,very lightweight,I'm thinking anemometer type of thing....
-one candle-extinguisher

Also in another(my favourite)shop:two miniature bottles,and a temperature gauge,basically for the copper tubing that is part of it.

And I got 3 pieces of 1/8" copper tubing,so I can now make a pop-pop boat which has a coil.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

of boat designing and golf watching...

I finally finished my first pop-pop boat,it is not much to look but is more meant to be a test subject.Originally the straws were exiting from the bottom of the boat,but I had quite a problem with making it watertight.
So I changed that and now they are exiting from the stern.After a quick test run I found out that the "engine" works but sounds slightly asthmatic.
While I watched The British Open today(congratulations to Mr.Cink) I drew a few more boat plans.One of them which involves a boat on ski's.......
Edit:In the photo are actually two more boats I've built later.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

pop-pop boat building

As I wrote in my last post:my research into simple steam-engines let me into the wonderful world of the pop-pop boat.Since then I made a couple of boilers,and am now working on a boat to put one of them in.
Since this is my first boat made from scrap metal,this is a simple design,basically a hull.
More about these boats on this excellent site.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy birthday,Mr.Tesla

Today,in 1856,one of the greatest inventors was born,Nikola Tesla.And the good folks at Google honoured this fact.Kudos to them!:

And now for something completely different:The simple steam engine project:I'm still researching and tinkering with some parts.While I was doing this(researching) I stumbled onto the classic toy that is the pop-pop boat.
Very simple to make,so guess what my next project will be?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Blowing off steam.....

Or ......starting to build a steam engine of sorts.Lately I've been reading up on steam engines.The Cornell University College of Engineering has a great collecting of e-books.One of my favourites is:The history of the growth of the steam engine by Robert Thurston,published in 1902.
From that followed an idea for a new project:the making of a steam engine.I've started doing some tests,seeing which vessel is best for heating the water etc....

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A little update

Actually,there's not much to update......Just got back from another trip to the US,got some supplies from Newark(the company)and a book about Nikola Tesla for fathersday.
Right now it is really too hot to do much tinkering so I'm reading The boy mechanic(book I ,I think).