Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's hammer time......

This past weekend (and the weekend before that)I got some cooking oil cans which will provide plenty of material for the next projects.I immediately started on another ship made from the
edges of one of those cans.
And I almost finished the ironclad which needed some extra flotation because all that steel makes for a pretty heavy ship(the next ironclad will probably be made out of wood and aluminium).
Also I made a wooden shoe boat,which was very quickly made:just drilled some holes for the coil engine,put the small candle in with stand and it was finished.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

building pop-pop boat engines

I've been(and am)making a few of the soda/beer can pop-pop engines,and have just tested them for leaks.Unavoidably there are leaks around where the straws are attached to the metal and some on the edges.But it's an easy fix though.
Also I'm in the process of making three brass coil engines,one with just one winding,the other with two.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hans Christian Ørsted's birthday.......

Is today.And Google had another very nice doodle:

Ørsted takes the credit for first producing aluminium out of aluminium-chloride,one of my favourite materials.And he also proved that electric current sets up magnetic fields

Friday, August 14, 2009

Next project:Ironclads

I've finished the balloon car,which was basically something I threw together pretty quickly.It does work,but doesn't go very fast or far because of the weight.The next one should work better.
But that's for another time as I'm now concentrating on building the next ship:an ironclad.
I did some research which was very interesting,looking at shapes and measurements.
The base(of the first one) is wood and the engine will be a coil,there's not enough space for a soda-can engine.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Of boats with floaties and a balloon car

I just finished building the first boat with a more conventional hull.The hull itself is made of aluminium of an old light fixture and already had a nice curve in it.All I had to do was fold it over,rivet it together and cut it into shape.Then make a stern and glue the Rohacell inside.
All this made the boat very lightweight,which caused some problems later......
The rudder was very easy made and one of the best parts of this boat I think.
When I tested the boat I found out that it sits very low in the water,not a bad thing,but also that it wanted to capsize(especially with the windguard on),a very bad thing.
So in the end I had to make some "floaties" to prevent this from happening.
In a change from the boat building I started on a balloon car,which is coming along nicely.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Cardboard models.......

Via the great people at The Steampunk forum I found this site which has some great cardboard models including a steam-engine,oilpump,vintage truck and coinbank.
I'm thinking about using the plans not with cardboard but metal,or a combination of those.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Building a submarine.....but making a cargo-ship....

I'm building a submarine....or something that was supposed to be one,but the end result will probably be more like a cargo-ship.Anyway,it is/was an interesting little project.
Started out with my favourite Rohacell foam,then folded aluminium strips from old lighting fixtures around the ship,riveted them together,the upper part is an old piece of aluminium from an fishtank.To keep the shape I rivited more aluminium strips on it.
The commandotower is made out of two pieces of aluminium from a vintage radio.
The engine is a copper coil made from an old temperature gauge.Then there are some perforated pieces of aluminium rivited on the tower.
And started straight away on the next boat,the hull of which is made from ...yes,that material again.