Monday, December 28, 2009

A final post.....

Well not really....but of the year I reckon.
I was planning for awhile to make a windmill-soundmachine,but the end result is not what the first idea was.Originally I had planned for metal pieces to be attached to the windmill which then would hit objects hanging around the windmill.
But I thought there wasn't enough space in my garden to set this up.So,instead,I opted for mounting both on the windmill.Although the metal pieces are now hard disk platters with aluminium rings hanging next to them.
So basically it's a rotating wind chime ......

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Siemens Superstar

I love windturbines and I love LEDS so a combination of those two is a fantastic thing.Artist Michael Pendry designed an art piece using a windturbine and 9000 LEDS near Munich,Germany.Together with the good people of Siemens he made it work.

The windturbine can be seen in this state till January 6th 2010.More information on the Siemens website.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Found objects I -an update

I almost finished the project I used the light assembly in.That is ,everything except for the solar cell.Normally I build the circuit first and then the rest.But this time it worked out to be the other way around.

It'll be,surprisingly,another pummer.And then after that another one will follow,but that one will be a bit different.But more about that later.
The circuit is,once again,Wilf's improved one with a 33K resistor instead of the 47K,and a single red high intensity LED.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Found objects I

Yesterday on my way to the supermarket I found this interesting looking light assembly laying along side the road:

Which can be used for a wide variety of things,the most obvious some kind of light sculpture.Unfortunately the glass is cracked,but thick enough so that it still stays in place.Today I started on a project using this object.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Pummer nearing completion......

And that should end this Pummer building extragavanza for now.In this one I used an electroplated steel base,an electroplated spring,lightbulb and copper tube.
The circuit is the "old" one with a purple LED.

Sunday, December 06, 2009



Or Pummer Building Spree,which is what seems to happen now.I'm building three at the same time:one is with a spring and lightbulb,another one is with a porcelain insulator,copper tube and brass nut and the odd one out is a robot holding a lightbulb.
After these I'll probably build two more and then move on to something different.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

New pummer,new solaroller (WIP)

I just (well a couple of days ago)made a new pummer.My first one with the improved circuit by Wilf Rigter.I made a few changes though:
the 1 uF capacitors are now 2.2 uF,the 1000 uF capacitor is 6800 uF,the 10K resistor near the LEDS is now 1K,the 47K resistor became a 33K one and it is a single LED Pummer.
The most noticeable thing about this pummer is the very large capacitor which is also part of the body.
I haven't attached the solarcell yet.
Then,a new Solaroller and another first:my first direct driven one instead of belt driven.And also the smallest one I built to date.The circuit is a 1381 freeformed one,the body came from a recordplayer-stylus case.The solarcell is missing here as well.

The new Pummer with the improved circuit by Wilf Rigter and some changes by me.