Sunday, January 24, 2010

Making paper from paper and......

As a little side project I started making paper from old paper,a step further in recycling.I found a great tutorial  on the Flickr site,but knew the basic steps already.Tear up paper,put in foodprocessor or blender,put pulp in a tray,get a screen,dip screen at angle in tray,remove excess water with sponge,turn over on a towel,fold towel over paper and press,then let it dry.......
I also used sawdust and used coffee filter bags.
Quite a fun thing to do,especially when using the dreaded blue tax envelopes....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Update on the BEAM Bot forums competition project IV

I finished this last weekend,the only thing that is lacking is the sunshine to charge the batteries of the Pummer.Ideally I would like to make a plastic cover for it,so it would be protected from the dust etc.

As a short break from building I've started doing the opposite:taking apart.I still had/have two video 2000 recorders waiting to be dismantled so that is what I'm doing at the moment.And while I'm at it taking photo's of the process which will be used in an article I'll be writing about this.

Meanwhile while you all wait in eager anticipation have a look at this German artist who makes wonderful lamps:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update on the BEAM Bot forums competition project III

Yes,it's another update.You probably think the only thing I'm doing right now is working on this project and you're right.That and doing a write-up about it.Last weekend I finished putting all the electronic circuitry in the robots.
The wooden base is the thing I'm now building.It is being clad in metal sheets screwed on to the base and almost ready.Then the next step is attaching the robots.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Update on the BEAM Bot forums competition project II

Work progresses slowly but surely.I continued work on the second robot,the one that has the audible light probe in it.The circuit is now in place,after some troubles with fixing the photo resistor in place.
Tomorrow(or really today) I'll be soldering the Pummer circuit,then putting it in the other robot and finishing that one.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Update on the BEAM Bot forums competition project

This turns out quite the extensive project.I started on both the robots,although I'm tackling the biggest one first.When it is finished it should look like some raygun and axe wielding robotic monster(hopefully).So far the head is attached to the body,two upper arms and one lower arm are attached to the body also.The lower arm has the raygun mounted to it and I wired it up.
Next will be making the axe and fixing that to the other lower arm,then attach the whole thing to the upper arm,and starting on the legs.......

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!Happy new waterwheel....

So the first day of the new year started with a "new" waterwheel.Although it isn't really new but the rebuilt version of the old one.The bicycle wheel itself is a new one and sits a bit higher up for the cans to pass through.The stand has been reinforced and is now much sturdier.
Projects which are lined up for this year:the Pummer plus for the BEAMbots forums competition,the light-in-a-jar for the Steampunk forum challenge and I have to pick up building pop-pop boats again.