Sunday, December 18, 2011


Another lamp is finished....this one was sitting on the shelf of unfinished projects...(SOUP..... )It is a very simple square box made with perforated metal sheet,and some aluminium sample sheets/Inside there is a white LED,a 3V coin cell,and a  50 Ohm resistor.The metal wire the lamp is hanging from is a temporary solution until I get some chain.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Working on lamps....

I finally finished one lamp,had to flatten some more coins,and redesigned the other slightly.The LED light that was in that one wasn't very effective.So I removed it,and put a piece of aluminium sheet in its place.
Strictly speaking it's not a lamp anymore but a.....lantern I guess.
The other one was only waiting for some Egyptian coins I bought online,and a few flattened coins.
Now the projects I'm working on are :a magbot pendulum with a very large coil and some more lamps.
The redesigned lantern,without light but with flattened coins......

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Making it in (The) Style......

In this case The Style refers to a Dutch art movement from around the 1915's.Its most famous member was Piet Mondriaan (aka Mondrian) and it is his work I'm using as an inspiration for two new projects:a Mondrian Magbot Pendulum and a Mondrian Pummer.For the Magbot I'm trying to incorporate the stand into the design.
More information can be found here.