Sunday, April 29, 2012

Frau Rosenthal

Frau Rosenthal is the latest in the series of robots I'm building.I already talked about it (her?)in the previous post.
Her name comes from the two 1.3 K Ohm resistors which make up her arms and were produced by Rosenthal.In my original plan I also wanted a LED on top of her hat but that didn't seem to work.As I wrote in the previous post:the eyes are two AC187 transistors,the mouth is a coil,the "necklace" is a 1 K resistor and the handbag a 0,05 uF capacitor.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Joule thieves......

The latest robot I'm building is one that has a Joule thief circuit in it.There are basically two types of JT circuits I think:the simple one :
And the more complex one which uses more components but also allows you to use a coil with two ends:
For this particular project I choose the more complex one,because I wanted to use the components as parts for the robot.So,two resistors became arms,the two transistors eyes(with eyelashes!),the coil a mouth,the capacitor a handbag and another resistor a necklace.I also used two extra green LEDs for the eyes.All in all a pretty complex build with lots of wires going around...

Monday, April 09, 2012

Robots II

 I finally finished the first of,what should become,a series of robots which have some kind of simple electronic circuit in them.This one has a 555 dark detecting circuit in it with a speaker and a variable resistor which allows you to set the sensitivity.It operates on a 3V coin cell and is not that loud.With 6 V it would probably sound a lot louder.
This is the circuit I used.It came from the free e-book:50 555 circuits by Colin Mitchell.
It can be found here.