Sunday, September 30, 2012

Light Theremin III

I have just finished the robot theremin which was a kind of complicated project because I decided halfway through the build to add a Joule Thief.My philosophy is :a project can always use some light.
A quick run through the used materials:the head is a brass part for a lamp,the hat I think came from a motor housing,the neck is a piece of copper tubing,the arms are copper elbows with parts of bullet shells,the body is the motor housing from an old sewing machine motor,the legs are copper plated heating tubes.
I tried to build the solar theremin on the breadboard but couldn't get it to work.
The next project will be another theremin which I will enter for the DIY audio contest.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Light theremin II

I have now built two theremins,one is completely finished,the other needs some finishing touches and I'm already working on a few others.One will be build in the shape of a robot(no surprise there),another is a solar theremin(but still being tested on the breadboard),and yet another will be using an hard disk drive as front.