Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More Theremins....

This is probably one of the last posts of this year.A year that I will end with finishing a new theremin.My latest theremin is one that also has a Joule Thief in it.Three green LEDs light up the Theremin from within(interestingly enough the JT also makes a high pitching noise when turned on.)
The Theremin is made using the front panel of a deceased oscilloscope.Very convenient are the holes which are already in there.Especially since I made the Theremin with a variable resistor for pitch control and another variable resistor for volume control(I'm using a 9 Volt battery with a large loud speaker).
Following this project will be one where I'll use two other front panels to make two theremins.

Friday, December 07, 2012


Some quick updates:I've taken a part the bicycle windmill because it wasn't functioning properly and also started squeaking.So now I have come up with something else for the Instructables Make it Glow contest.
The Theremin collecting is growing,a new one is almost finished.Also almost finished is yet another lamp,featuring a bare clear light bulb..
A new project in the making,and probably the first one of the new year is one that has various circuits in it.The base is an old wooden clock case,now painted green by some barbarian in the past,but I will hopefully restore it to its wooden colour.