Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dremel table saw and sheet metal brake

For quite some time I wanted to make table saw with a Dremel rotary tool.I found a very good example of one here .You would expect the Dremel to be mounted on the underside but in this case it is sitting on top.This way you can cut thicker pieces of material.I used a sheet of HPL material for the top,the rest of it is wood except for the ruler which is Aluminium.
From the same HPL material I made a small sheet metal brake,big enough for the work I do.So simple that I think a picture will tell all you need to know about it.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

New Years resolutions

I'm not one for New Years resolutions usually but you can call them plans too sometimes.So,my plans for this year are:finish the Theremins I'm working on.They are the two made from the old oscilloscope panels both with Joule Thieves inside them.Then there is another one in the planning,the one made from an old clock.After that I'm probably done Theremins for awhile and is it time for some other circuits.On the list are:the golf Magbot pendulum,small rolling ball machines,line followers,head-bots and general sheet metal work.