Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Queensday loot

Today was the last Queensday on April 30th(next year will be April 27th,the birthday of our new King).For people not familiar with it:it is a day to sell your old stuff,with loud music from multiple stands which you can listen to while enjoying some kind of home made food....
A tradition is anything you don't sell and don't want you just leave behind...other will people will sift through the heaps and pick out what they want.
Anyway,I got quite a few things this year:
Philips 12TX3501 television,Sony TC-H4800 cassette deck,Philips FA144 amplifier with FT143 tuner,Blaupunkt RTV 316 VCR,CD-rom drive,DVD writer,4 different modems,calculator with printer,small heater,some kind of game console and a lamp.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It is been a long time.....

Almost 5 weeks since my last post,I'm ashamed to say.In that period I have been on holiday(US) and continued with taking electronic equipment apart,about a dozen televisions among them.So now I have plenty of new components again to build things again.
Last week I found an old crate filled with hand tools to be picked up by the garbage men.Many of them old but in good order(the tools,not the garbage men....)Also a couple of chargers,battery packs,two electronic devices and two rolls of installation wire.
A collection of center punches and screwdrivers.

A collection of hammers.The tool on the right must be my new favourite:it is a small ax,hammer,screwdriver and plier in one.