Saturday, May 25, 2013


For the past few weeks I've been busy with researching different types of batteries and circuits.Especially the work of Lidmotor and slider2732 is very interesting for me.
And I've started to build concrete batteries finally,there's a bag of cement standing in my hallway for the last month or so.So I'll start a run of experiments with differeny ingredients and materials.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Weekend pickup...

This weekend I collected a nice selection of electronic devices.It was a classic case of : parents are not able to take care of themselves anymore,and moved to a nursing-home.Their children are then faced with the task of emptying their parents home.
I took away most of their electronics which included:
-Shenzhen JW-210GPA record player
-Philips 702 radio
-Philips 14PT155 television
-Akai 1722W and GX4000D tape recorder
-Alecto pro-137 mixer
-JVC XL-Z132 CD player
-Philips DCC 951 player
-Sony ST A30L tuner
-Denon PMA 500V
-Lenco L3866 USB record player
-Uher 4200 tape recorder

There were also a collection of speakers : Rank HT520(pair),Kekkoh Beta(pair),a Magnat,a Philips and a pair of Sony's.And let me not forget the records ......