Saturday, June 29, 2013

Updates on batteries

Still working on the cement,and other,types of batteries,after a two week holiday in the US.Of course I visited the American Science and Surplus store in Chicago again and got a few things.
Even though a cement battery was able to power my Magbot pendulum it didn't last very long.After about 50 hrs non-stop swinging the pendulum was barely moving,so that is not really useful.
And the water based batteries don't seem to work now either,I guess more testing is needed.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Concrete and cement batteries

Like I wrote in my last post I'm focusing on different kinds of batteries,especially the concrete and cement batteries.These past few days I've been making a few and have some results which are encouraging for future projects.I used some aluminium casing with copper coils and different kind of materials mixed with the cement:Borax,Magnesium Carbonate,baking soda and road salt.All gave about a 1.3 V result(I have yet to see if this changes later)and I don't know if these ingredients helped at all(making another battery without anything added later).
Also a battery cell made with a small copper vessel and Aluminium rod produced 1.4 V.
On the flip side though: 3 battery cells I made with pewter and tin pots produced 0.06 V and 0.6 V.
When I connected the good working cells to some of my magbot pendulums they started to swing quite happily,so that gave me some ideas for future pendulums(like a pendulum with an Aluminium surrounded cement base and (a) copper pipes as the frame work).
Also Joule Thief robots with cement bodies are a possibility.