Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wireless pancakes

Of course I'm talking about pancake coils.I've made a few(you need two to make this work),and I'm busy making more(making them larger ).Using Slider2732's(on YouTube)circuit,I managed to make a working wireless system.The circuit is very simple,just the coil and a npn transistor,then you need another coil with a LED ...Here is his video:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Failure is always an option

That is what the people from Mythbusters use to say and I think Edison said something like he learned the most from his mistakes.So,I'm in good company then with my failed attempts to make a pulsemotor.
I also soldered together the Solarbotics Zendulum circuit,and that wasn't working either.However,when I made it on a breadboard it worked.Actually it works with the magnetic sphere going through the coil instead of over it....
Another project I'm working on is making an electro static machine using,mostly,Meccano.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Flashing Joule thieves finished

I've (almost)built seven flashing Joule Thieves and two regular ones in the past weeks.They are a mixed bunch :one is a robot,two are bare bones,three are boxed up and the last one will also be boxed up.One of them is rather special I think: it has four capacitors with two switches so I can change the flash rate.All of them have green LEDs(to honour the month of Ramadan in which they were built).
Now that I have finished those it is time for my next project which is remaking or changing some of my Pummers and Magbot pendulums some of which don't work very well or at all.